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In Their Words

Read the words of many military spouses touched by Support Military Spouses.  They are so often overlooked.

Pamela B. ~ 

“Thank you for what you do. The Appreciation Care Packages are a wonderful change in our lifestyle as military spouses. We spend many hours making sure our soldiers are taken care of and forget to take a minute for ourselves. (I’m one of the biggest offenders of this) These gifts are a wonderful reminder that we need to take care of us in order to take care of our soldiers and families. Again, Thank you!”


Bethany W. ~

“Thank you so much Steven, Diane and all the volunteers who worked hard and contributed to this event in Goldsboro. I cannot say thank you enough for making me feel special today. What a lovely gift! It feels wonderful to receive so many thoughtful things. It’s as if my mother put this package together herself! You made a difference in my life and I’m sure in countless other lives! Thank you especially for your daily prayers.”


Heather S. ~ 

“Dear Friends at Support Military Spouses,

When I opened up my gift I found all kinds of …neat goodies and a very nice letter written to thank me and my family. It was a “thank you for your service” letter, and the box was especially made for me, the spouse. So, here I am writing to tell you how wonderful that was. So many times the families get kind of forgotten while the “real” hero is deployed. Thank you very much for your thoughts, prayers, and gifts. They really make a difference.”


Christina G. ~ 

“I received my first box today and I absolutely loved it. I just recently became a military spouse and have had a little trouble adjusting but it’s nice to have this support from others! Thank you so much for all that you do!!!!!”


Samantha T. ~ 

“Last year was my first year to receive a box, my husband was deployed for the first time and I was going through a lot. When I received the box I went to my car and I cried, someone thanking me and acknowledging me meant so much. When I felt so alone and scared during my husbands deployment Support Military Spouses made me feel appreciated, loved, and supported. I came again this year to receive another box, bringing a friend with me too. I appreciate what the people at Support Military Spouses do so much! Thank you for remembering us!”


Theresa M. ~ 

“I just want to give a quick thank you to your organization. My unit is at the very end of a deployment and what a generous and thoughtful gift to think of the spouses. Our soldiers go through so much and so many organizations think of them, but this is the first one that I’ve found that actively supports the spouses.

I received a gift package and I can’t tell you how thankful I am! THANK YOU, to all of you, for your generosity of spirit…, generosity of time and dedication to support those that are in direct line of supporting the soldiers and sacrificing right along with them. God bless all of you and your organization!”

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